Coolroom Shelving

Suitable for cool rooms, freezer rooms, grocery stores, laundries, nurseries, liquor stores or  any outdoor application, Cool Room Shelving is rust resistant and designed to minimise the build up of residue and scum which makes it easy to clean.

Cool Room Shelving is available in a wide range of heights, depths, and bay lengths to accommodate almost any layout.  Our cool room shelving is zinc-plated providing a smooth finish that protects against rust.




Adjustable feet make it easy to level the shelving where the floor surface is uneven. Cool Room Shelving’s double slotted centre frames are an economical way of joining cool room shelving units together to create continuous runs of shelving for any length you require.

Our cool room shelving unit obtains further stability from the wire shelf which is reinforced  with a strengthening bar preventing it from moving from position.